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Sunday School Classes

Below is a listing of all of our Sunday school classes. Bring your Bible, questions, and open heart. Feel free to share the insights of your daily Bible reading as it relates to the lesson topic. Hope you can join us.

9:30 AM

Chinese Sunday School 1—Room (RM) 104

Chinese Sunday School 2—RM 105

Basic Truth (Seekers Class) #1—RM 114

Basic Truth (Seekers Class) #2—RM 119

Cantonese Sunday School #1—RM 101

Cantonese Sunday School #2—RM 102

10:50 AM

English Adult Sunday School—RM 121

English Young Adult and College Sunday School—RM 118

Youth Grades 11-12—RM 120

Youth Grades 9-10—RM 117

Youth Grades 7-8—RM 119

Children Grades 3-6 (“Deer” group)—RM 107

Children Grades 3-6 (“Pelican” group)—RM 108

Children Grades 1-2—RM 113

Preschool – Kindergarten Class—RM 112

Toddler Class—RM 111

Nursery—RM 111