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1981 Bible Study and Sunday School at Emmanuel Baptist Church (EBC) Overland Park

During 1970-80’s, Chinese population increased in Kansas City area. Local Chinese families started a Chinese School and met on Saturday at Emmanuel Baptist Church (EBC) in Overland Park. In Sept. 1981, the Chinese began having a Sunday School class at EBC and worshiped with ear-phone translation to Chinese with EBC. EBC pastor was W. Lacey.

1985 Chinese Ministry and Worship at EBC

In 1985, the group began having a Chinese worship service while the English service was meeting. Don Gardner, a returned missionary from Hong Kong and also a student at Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, was called as Chinese Minister. His wife, Sue, is Chinese from Taiwan. In 1987, the Chinese group became a mission of EBC, still met in its facilities. EBC pastor was C. Garret.

1988 Chinese Mission at EBC

Then in 1988, the Gardners were appointed as Southern Baptist missionaries to Hong Kong. Dr. Carl Hunker was then called as pastor. He served as a Southern Baptist missionary from 1946-1986, beginning in China and then spending the bulk of his career in Taiwan.

1990 Emmanuel Baptist Church-Chinese Mission moved to Lenexa, KS

By 1990, both the English and Chinese congregations were outgrowing EBC’s facility. So the Chinese congregation began making plans for the future.

By the late summer of 1990, the group learned that Calvary Baptist Church of Lenexa had relocated, leaving its building on Santa Fe Trail Drive available.

The Chinese mission purchased Calvary’s building with the help of additional $100,000 loan from the Kansas-Nebraska Southern Baptist Foundation and other sources. The mission paid off the Foundation loan in four years.

1994 Emmanuel Chinese Baptist Church (ECBC) constituted as a SBC church

On Oct. 9, 1994, the mission constituted as a Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) church, Emmanuel Chinese Baptist Church (ECBC). In the mid-1996s, God called George C. Hsu from a successful secular career into full-time ministry. He prepared for his new calling by entering from Midwestern Seminary and received a master of divinity degree on Saturday, May 22, 1999.

1999 ECBC called first Chinese pastor

On May 23, 1999, ECBC ordained George C. Hsu as its first Chinese pastor. Pastor Hunker became Pastor Emeritus.

2007-8 Two missions established

Two mission points were established in the south of Kansa City, and on the campus of University of Missouri-Kansas City in 2007, and 2008, respectively. The south mission became an independent church in 2010 and the campus mission is currently been nurtured by ECBC.

2009 Ordained another two pastors

On Oct. 25, 2009, ECBC ordained Steve Tan and Henry Chen as assistant pastor, and campus pastor, respectively.

2011 ECBC called senior pastor

On Aug, 1, 2011, ECBC called Dr. Jerry Y.C. Jean as its senior pastor. Pastor Hsu became Pastor Emeritus.

2013 ECBC moved to Overland Park, KS

By 2013 the Chinese congregation was outgrowing the facilities so the church began making plans for the future. Towards the end of 2013 ECBC took over the building that was formally Moody Elementary School.