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Children’s Corner

Welcome to Children’s Corner. Each child is the responsibility of the parent at all times. Nursery age children through 1st grade age children may be checked into Room 112 starting at 9:20 AM. All older children are encouraged to attend English worship with their parents at 9:20 AM.

Starting at 10:45 AM, children, in nursery through 6th grade, can be checked into their respective Sunday School classrooms by a parent. Click here to find the room number of your child’s classroom. Any time a child is picked up from class they must also be signed out of that class. When not signed into a class children are to be under the parent’s supervision.

Children may go outside some on Sundays. Please be sure that your child is prepared.

Materials and curriculum used are Biblically based with the purpose of leading children to a saving relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ and then helping them grow in that relationship. Special events for children are held at Christmas, Easter, Summer Vacation Bible School and Fall Harvest Night. Additional events occur in conjunction with special adult programs such as revivals.

Bring your Bibles, smiles, and an open heart. Can’t wait to see you.


PARENTS PLEASE NOTE: We have tried to carefully filter this list of games, Bible stories, and children’s daily devotionals, but the ultimate responsibility still belongs to you, the parents. We strongly encourage you to visit these websites and notify ECBC if you have any concerns.